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Confidential information is safe on most modern IT systems – until the moment they are printed out.
Our solutions effectively prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Business Applications

Harness the power of Kyocera MFPS with Customized business applications.
Turn your otherwise complex workflows into simple processes and bring true innovation to your office environment.
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Capture & Distribution

Transform hard copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow. read more

Document Management

Easily organize, store, share and retrieve your documents. read more

Cost Control & Security

Manage costs associated with your Multifunctionals while protecting your company assets. read more

Output Management

Print your business documents and dynamic forms from virtually any environment.  read more

Network Device Management

Optimize, track and manage network devices from local and remote locations. read more

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Take advantage of printing and scanning capabilities on the go from today's mobile & cloud technology. read more


e-leaning simplified
cutting-edge quality
at an affordable price

KALBOARD360 is an innovative, cloud-based learning management system (LMS). It has been designed to help schools improve their learning through the use of cutting-edge technology. The LMS is based around a distributed learning approach, where face-to-face engagement between teachers and pupils is essential.

KALBOARD360 provides students with a mobile learning solution (m-learning). It gives them unlimited access to educational resources from any device with Internet connection. The system also involves teachers, parents and school management in the learning experience. This makes it a truly holistic process, which connects and appropriately engages all parties.  read more